The Bundy Ranch Standoff – What Really Happened on April 12th, 2014

The Government’s Narrative Is False…

The Federal Government and Mainstream Media disseminated a misleading version of what happened on Saturday, April 12th, 2014; now commonly known as the Bundy Ranch Standoff. The purpose of this website is to educate the public with regard to

  • how events transpired,
  • in what order they transpired,
  • why the outcome of the trial is of paramount importance
  • and finally, introduce you to the individuals at the center of the entire ordeal

The sky-view summary of the content found in this webpage is as follows: four men (Eric Parker, Scott Drexler, Steve Stewart, and Todd Engel) traveled to Nevada beginning on Friday, April 11th 2014. They were going to protest heavy-handed, unlawful behavior by the Bureau of Land Management in conjunction with their establishment of “Free Speech Areas”. By the time they arrived early in the morning on the 12th, there was only a small window of time to sleep before Cliven Bundy’s regular morning rally. During this rally, the local county Sheriff declared that the roundup operation of Bundy’s cattle would cease. Protesters proceeded to an area close to the corral. Horseback riders would lead the cattle back to the ranch and protesters accompanied them under the I-15 overpass to wait for the release of the cattle. A crowd gathered on the I-15 bridge for no other purpose than to watch the return of Bundy’s cattle.

Shortly thereafter, militarized units of the BLM and U.S. Park Police needlessly, recklessly, and without provocation, began to escalate the otherwise peaceful situation in front of them. They announced intent to use gas disbursement to push back the protest. When the crowd peacefully, and with hands up, continued toward a temporary fence… these agents announced authorization to use lethal force. These militarized units, in conjunction with armed snipers, took a tactically ready posture displaying a willingness to exact unlawful force on a group of men, women, and children.

Reasonably fearing for imminent grave bodily injury or death for themselves and those in the wash under the bridge, lawfully armed men postured defensively for a brief period of time for the sole purpose of defending innocent, unarmed protesters. When the danger passed, these men left Nevada and returned to Idaho.

Today Parker, Drexler, Stewart, and Engel are all incarcerated, pending trial, and have been denied pre-trial release despite no relevant or substantial criminal history. Their right to a speedy trial has been denied. They will have been in prison for nearly a year by the time trial comes around. Their right to a public trial has been denied. Evidence is under protective order thereby shielding it from the media and public.

This is a watershed constitutional case. Convictions here will rubber stamp the ability of the Federal Government to lawlessly threaten unarmed civilians who cannot defend life and liberty without the threat of an avalanche of litigation that could yield an effective lifetime sentence.

These men leave behind families who need support while they focus on preparation for trial. Consider using the links on this page to donate directly to the families. Every one-time or recurring gift, no matter the size, advances the cause of natural, unalienable liberty.