Bundy Ranch Tyrant Surfaces At Burning Man

BLM Agent Daniel P. Love’s ethics violations…

Daniel P. Love | Bundy Ranch Tyrant
BLM SAC Daniel P. Love

The Salt Lake Tribune published an article detailing serious ethics violations on the part of BLM Agent Daniel P. Love. The violations occurred during the Burning Man festival, summer 2015. Daniel P. Love (the Bundy Ranch Tyrant) was the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) at Bundy Ranch. Discovery evidence in the Bundy Ranch Protest trial is under protective order. Consequently, until the trial unfolds, any wrongdoing of SAC Love is subject to speculation.

Rewind to 2006: Dan Love, Jim Redd, and a $40.00 Bird-shaped Artifact

The LA Times published an article detailing a years-long investigation by Agent Love in Utah. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) targeted artifact collectors by luring them into illegal deals with an undercover employee. Dr. James Redd, widely revered in his small rural community, enjoyed collecting artifacts. He had one criminal charge related to the hobby when he collected from an area incorrectly marked as private property on a map.

James Redd ArtifactWhen leads on other collectors dried up, Agent Love focused on Redd and his family. Redd was not on the BLM’s radar; Love persisted nonetheless. Going off of a verbal description from the UCE, investigators estimated the value of a small fish-shaped shell at $1,000.00… enough for a felony charge. The item later appraised for just $40.00 to $100.00.

During the raid on Dr. Redd’s home, neighbors reported snipers positioned on roofs of adjacent houses. Agents taunted Redd and told him he would lose his medical license. Redd, his wife, and his children faced lengthy prison sentences as a result of their dealings with the UCE. Redd, knowing his wife faced decades in prison, and fearing he might lose his medical license, committed suicide in June 2009.

The UCE, overcome with guilt, committed suicide as well. When the dust settled, no one went to prison, and Love got a promotion to Special Agent in Charge for Utah & Nevada.

Bundy Ranch – 2014

Discovery remains under protective order, so the details of how the Bundy Ranch Protest unfolded is a matter of speculation. Still, some elements are evident. SAC Daniel P. Love was the individual responsible for the actions of the BLM and the US Park Police. When protesters arrived at the Tuquop Wash, believing that the BLM was either about to release Bundy’s cattle, or altogether gone, things went terribly sour.

Protesters, comprising lawfully armed as well as unarmed men, women and minor children, entered the Tuquop Wash under I-15. They had signs, they were angry, and they were there to protest. Lawfully armed citizens provided self-policing oversight as they had at the rally earlier in the morning. Horseback riders trickled in, ready to guide Bundy’s cattle back to the ranch. Observers on the Northbound I-15 bridge congregated for the purpose of watching the event unfold. A fence erected by BLM under the Southbound I-15 bridge, where the cattle would have to exit, presented a natural place to convene the protest.

The Government describes a violent armed assault. It’s true. The BLM and US Park Police deployed tactically (poorly, but tactically nonetheless), pointing weapons at unarmed civilians, glassing observers on the bridge with sniper rifle scopes, and ultimately expressing their intention to exact lethal force. Rogue, lawless federal agents assaulted the position of a crowd of protesters. The senseless, reckless, and needless escalation, if not the result of the Bundy Ranch Tyrant’s leadership, certainly was his responsibility.

Burning Man – 2015 & the Hiring Scandal

The report from the Department of the Interior, Office of Inspector General details a series of questionable-at-best (but likely illegal) ethics decisions from SAC Daniel P. Love. In 2015 Love used his position in the BLM to secure tickets to the popular sold-out event. He obtained passes and favors for family members and utilized BLM-owned vehicle for personal use. In a separate incident, Love circumvented BLM hiring policies to bring a friend into a position within the agency for which the friend was not qualified.

Those ethical decisions, questionable in their own right, pale in comparison to how he handled interviews of his colleagues during the OIG’s investigation. Refered to here as “Supervisory Agent”:

The next day, the Contracting Officer asked the Supervisory Agent why he had driven his girlfriend in his Government vehicle. He responded to her, “You will forget that you saw that.”

One employee reported that Love insinuated that she would be subjected to physical harm with a grenade.

The BLM OLES Budget Analyst further stated that a few weeks after the Supervisory Agent’s removal from his position in the office, he sensed that she no longer wanted to interact with him. She said he had called her into his office. The Supervisory Agent said, “You know, if you don’t side with me, grenades are going to go off and you’ll get hit.”

Love also encouraged an employee to answer “I don’t recall” to all questions regarding Love in the hiring inquiry.

The BLM State Ranger said that the Supervisory Agent told him that saying “I don’t recall” was a valid answer when responding to OIG’s questions. The BLM State Ranger said that the Supervisory Agent contacted him after his interview. The Supervisory Agent asked him, “So do I still have a job or did you get me fired?” He said the Supervisory Agent’s comments made him uncomfortable and were an attempt to influence his testimony.

His behavior is tantamount to tampering with a witness.

The Bundy Ranch Tyrant…

This is how tyranny becomes law. Out of control bureaucracies hire megalomaniac agents, promote them to supervisory positions, and then leave them unchecked. Daniel P. Love mercilessly, relentlessly, and needlessly pursued Dr. James Redd over an artifact no one had ever seen. He deployed federal agents into a tactically inferior position at the Tuquop Wash in order to elicit an unlawful response from lawfully armed protesters. He subjected his own subordinates to harassment and threats when they were obligated to tell the truth in an investigation into is questionable conduct.


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  1. Love is an example of how bad it can get. Hopefully his behavior will come to the light once new Secretary of the Interior Zinke is confirmed. You actually have to feel sorry for Commander Zinke. He has not only BLM, but the park Service and a basket of other Federal rogue agencies to try to control. Much like having a gunny sack of wet cats. And I don’t mean house cats. It may take his Seal Team training to get them under control. Never too early to share your concerns about BLM, but you will have to fax his Congressional office for now. No telling when he will get to the Committee meeting, the floor and a confirmation. You can also contact the Attorney General’s office at askdij@usdoj,gov and the pardons attorney at DOJ at uspardon.attorney@usdoj,gov in the meantime. Getting them all exonerated is better than winning at trial.

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