Leaked Video Chronicles BLM Aggression At Bundy Ranch

Includes body and dash cam footage…

A video surfaced on the internet today showing leaked body and dash cam footage from the Bundy Ranch Protest. The video assembles a concise timeline of how events unfolded, using previously unseen footage from agent’s body cameras and patrol vehicle dash-mounted cameras.

In the video, agents can be seen mocking protesters and joking about who or what they should shoot first. Instructions to keep long guns either slung or out of site came from the Sheriff’s office. Agents ignored that directive and raised their weapons at protesters.

The content of the video speaks for itself. This is only a fraction of what the government does not want anyone to see. They are culpable for the escalation of tension at Bundy Ranch. This video shows a portion of that truth.


12 thoughts on “Leaked Video Chronicles BLM Aggression At Bundy Ranch”

  1. Without and even with this video the media won’t show what really is going on but maybe some twitter will do something !

  2. There is some very powerful evidence within this video.
    It is very well done overall.
    HOO-YAH & God Bless ALL that Stand.

  3. I really miss talking to your family. Mr Ammon, Mr Ryan, RIP Lavoy who introduced me to the constitution.

  4. The audio conversation with Ryan Bundy was not complete. If the whole conversation was heard the BlM told Ryan “If you bring guns it’s going to be Waco”.

  5. BLM has no business being there. Those stupid BLM agents should be executed before a firing squad.

    The punishment for treason prior to 1964 was to be put before a firing squad and executed. We need to restore those earlier laws. Our Founders had serious reasons for establishing our laws the way they did.

  6. It’s not Law Enforcement anymore…. It’s Facist Terrorists now. Fuck terrorist cops and federal agents. just scumbag strongarm thugs for their criminal politicians and corporate thieves.

  7. Throes who shot cattle from hilos, tore up water lines, destroyed water tanks should be on trail!!!

  8. Why can riots happen in America, no punishment but let a few ranchers stand up for our first amendment right and there are labeled and in prison without bail. Where is justice for that. First BLM employees are guilty and second FBI employees are guilty but none are behind bars. Unfair to America citizens. Free the Bundy men and all those that are being held with them. Proud to be an American, please help keep America free and brave.

  9. This makes me so mad that they could steal someone land and for the BLM how they get guns like that are they part of the military the government can’t own any land in America they are only allowed 5 or 10 square mile in Washington to run the government ports they have to get permission from the states to have ports .And for the government to tell a farmer tht he owns 1 million dollars in grazing fee give me a break government with their dam hand out steal people wealth

  10. Sign me up to assist in combating this Rogue Federal Agency!
    I’m a Patriot prior military that believes this is an agency that is a threat to all our safety on federal & state lands!

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